Personal Chef

Looking for an assistant to carry out personal chef work of a 9 to 11 person family, cooking plant-based food and delivering to a central location in Montreal. You will be largely working autonomously under my supervision and will have the freedom to cook the food that you want (as long as it falls under the umbrella of plant-based and mostly whole food). You will be responsible for communication with the different family members as well as coordinating around a couple of dietary restrictions/requests. At this point, we are making 2 deliveries a week of about 4 meals and some snacks of a wide range of ready-made meals (soups, stews, meal salads etc). The schedule is fairly flexible and you’ll be working out of a kitchen in old Montreal. We make most everything from scratch and will be eventually working with our own farmers etc. There will be certain times where you will be asked to cook as more of a private chef for either the main family (who I personally cook for), or part of the family that you do the ready-made meals for. 

Some of the job-description points:
Personal chef work - making meals for a family to be delivered 2 times per week. 
Includes communication with family members and sometimes adapting to certain dietary restrictions. 
Organization of the menus, shopping, deliveries, collection and cleanliness of containers, keeping track of expenses and submitting reports, maintaining impeccable cleanliness in the kitchen/work areas, direct communication with myself, occasional private chef work (cooking live for parts of the family), sourcing ingredients.


  • Must be very familiar with and also living in a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Must have a car or access to transportation for deliveries and shopping.

  • Must be able to work autonomously without needing supervision or constant support.

  • Must have strong cooking skills and be able to time-manage throughout a busy day.

5 days a week (Mon-Fri)

This is a really great family to work for and there are lots of cool opportunities to grow this the best way possible.