The Complete Vegan Cookbook 

Over 150 Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Recipes and Techniques
by Natural Gourmet Institute; Foreword by Chloe Coscarelli

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In its first cookbook, Natural Gourmet Institute reveals how to use whole, seasonal ingredients in creative and delectable ways, as well as the techniques and philosophy that continue to draw students from around the world. You’ll learn the principles of nutrition, methods for sourcing sustainable ingredients, all about plant-based pantry essentials, fundamental cooking know-how, and the insights to consider when making mindful, health-supportive nutritional choices. Through more than 150 vegan recipes with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, you can bring the school’s distinctive culinary practice into your kitchen and create incredibly tasty and powerfully nutritious meals for your friends and family. Sprinkled with notes and asides from its chef instructors, The Complete Vegan Cookbook is as inspirational as it is informative, making it the resource for anyone looking to change their life through the power of food.



“Whether you’re 100% vegan or not, vegan before 6 p.m., conscious of what you put into your body, or just a well-rounded cook, The Complete Vegan Cookbook will give you the confidence you need to make healthful food. It’s full of global recipes that anyone who likes good food will appreciate.”
—Carla Hall, chef and cookbook author 

“It’s about time that the Natural Gourmet Institute put out a cookbook. They’ve been ahead of the curve for decades and it’s time the world paid attention.”
—Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of Dirt Candy

“All the recipes, lessons, and techniques that I learned in culinary school are now wrapped up into one extraordinary cookbook! Attention, home cooks and professional chefs, you now have access to the plant-based education from the chef instructors that have trained health-supportive, plant-based cooks and leaders around the world.”
—Cara Mangini, chef and author of The Vegetable Butcher

“Natural Gourmet Institute has been teaching whole-food, plant-based cooking since way back when it was a radical thing to do, and they have continued to lead the way, turning out some of the most celebrated health-focused chefs in the culinary world today. In this gorgeous book, they are giving up their secrets and sharing trusted techniques, tips, and recipes so anyone can make compellingly delicious plant-based dishes with confidence. It’s a treasure!”
—Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, host of Ellie’s Real Good Food and two-time James Beard Foundation award-winning cookbook author