Personal Chef

Personal Chef for a celiac family:

Kevin and Kim Klipstein are busy UWS professionals and their two kids, Tanner (10) and Teagan (7) are kind hearted kids that like vegetables and are very appreciative of home cooked meals. You will likely hear “this is the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life! I didn’t even know that I like potatoes, but I do!” If Tanner turns his head, Teagan will steal his broccoli. Teagan has recently been diagnosed as Celiac and must adhere to a gluten free diet. In depth practical knowledge and experience of keeping a GF kitchen and cooking/baking gluten free is required. The ideal candidate would also be celiac, but it’s not a deal breaker. The plan is for the home to remain GF for the whole family (the wheat eaters can enjoy it outside of the home).

An on-site chef's responsibilities will include everything relating to gluten free meal preparations for the family including shopping, meal/menu planning, preparation and clean-up. These duties are performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties and entertaining. This would include 6 dinners a week and weekend lunches, and to ensure there are gluten free meals/treats on hand to pack for Teagan to attend birthday parties and other kid centric events. This role will not include child care responsibilities.

Please send us your resume and a cover letter and we’ll get right back to you. I’m Tegan’s celiac aunt, so I’ll be your first point of contact, followed up by a meeting with Kevin and Kim.

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