Salad restaurant menu development

bowl is a startup that has developed and operates salad vending machines, with the goal being to bring fresh healthy food directly offices, gyms, and airports.

Our salad vending machines will hold 25 precut ingredients (e.g. kale, grilled chicken, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes), which will be dispensed into a bowl. We'll then add dressing, and mix the salad and leave it in one of our lockers for the customer to pick up...and all of this will be handled by our robot!

We are looking for someone who can help us develop our menu. We will offer our own signature salads and also allow our customers to make their own salads. We're looking for someone who can work with us to develop recipes for our own salads, and also to help us prepare the individual ingredients (for example, we'd like detailed instructions and recipes to preparing our grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes).

FreelanceKaila Colbin