Personal Chef

Company Description:
We are what we eat, so what we eat matters. What We Eat LLC (WWE) is dedicated to making the world healthier one person at a time.

WWE is a personal chef-centered food brand that cooks beautiful, healthful food for New York trendsetters and sells small-batch, better-for-you granola online and in specialty stores. Led by a registered dietitian/nutritionist and powered by a team of professionally trained chefs, WWE excels at finding the balance between healthy and delicious.

Job Description:
Fast growing health-focused food business seeks entrepreneurially-minded, professionally trained chef. While the majority of the chef’s time will be spent cooking, he/she may also aid in WWE’s business development, marketing/communications, and other administrative tasks. The ideal candidate is a recent culinary school graduate with an undergraduate degree. This position offers a vast opportunity for growth and is ideal for a young chef who has a passion for cooking, interest in advancing his/her career in a nontraditional way, and desire to help grow a business with unlimited potential. This is a full-time position, typically Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

Candidate Qualities:

  • Accredited culinary degree or demonstrable commensurate experience in the professional culinary industry

  • Undergraduate degree

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Team-player (candidate works closely with other WWE staff)

  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently, as needed

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Flexible (daily schedule varies)

  • Positive attitude

  • Hard-working and physically able to lift 40+ lbs as well as walk between jobs, carry groceries, and handle long hours on foot

  • Fast-working/efficient in the kitchen

  • Knowledge of health and safety laws in the kitchen

What to expect:
Strong candidates will undergo a screening call, in-person interview and a several day stage in which he or she will accompany one of our team members during an average workday.

What/how we cook:
Vegetable-focused, seasonal, bright flavors with abundant use of fresh herbs, beautifully prepared with an eye towards health. While we appreciate all eating habits, our chefs must be able to taste test all meals for quality- including dairy, grains, meat and fish.

This position starts at $18/hr

How to Apply:
Please send a resume, blogs, social media accounts or websites, as well as a description of why you are right for the job to

Kaila Colbin